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The Valley Originals is a group of locally owned and operated restaurants that have joined together to share their thoughts and ideas on what the true experience of local eatery should be like. By their very nature the independent restaurant is unique in its ambiance, recipes and service – it is not a copy of any other restaurant in the locale. Food is prepared fresh daily, often from local product. Frozen food prepared in some far flung commissary is not the fare of the independent restaurant. The owner is on the premises to respond to your dining needs and wishes. We support local organizations, charities and activities and are all involved in the community effort. Our goal is to give you a very special and unique experience and the finest food found anywhere. So treat yourself… come join us.


Calling all Locals and Future Locals

Please join The Valley Originals during the month of May in supporting End 68 hours of Hunger! It’s Local’s Season (Mud Season) and The Valley Originals are embracing it!  The VO’s want to celebrate Spring and local’s the Valley Originals way: by donating back to our community together with you!

Every Day during the Month of May
Each Valley Original will have a ‘VO’ Special on their menu, the proceeds of these specials will go directly to End 68 Hours of Hunger!  Making it easy and delicious to give back to our community!
Not familiar with our local need for End 68 Hours of Hunger?  Please keep reading to find out more about this wonderful, needed program.

End 68 hours of Hunger
Is a private, not –for-profit, effort to confront the approximately 68 hours of hunger that some school children experience between the free lunch they receive in school Friday and the free breakfast they receive in school Monday.

The Problem
Childhood food insecurity is a national problem, it occurs when children receive insufficient food on a regular basis; in many cases missing meals entirely. After a while, these children also experience “fear of hunger” that affects their behavior as much as physical hunger affects their bodies. There are more than 16 million food insecure children in America today.

How End 68 Hours of Hunger Helps
This program puts nourishing food in the hands of school children to carry them through the weekend. Each bag of food costs $10 each week and provides two breakfasts, two lunches, and three dinners for a child, with some left over to share!

The Impact of End 68 Hours of Hunger
Our impact is huge!  Many of the behaviors of food insecure children disappear, and children arrive in school on Monday ready to learn. Teachers report that children are more responsible, and their performance improves.  We make a difference in the potential success of each child we feed!

Local Needs
We currently pack and deliver 135 bags every week to all the elementary schools in SAU 9 and SAU 13 as well as Conway Head Start. We created “food closets” at KMS and KHS that students can access as needed.
The program is 100% volunteer run and every cent raised or donated goes to buy food!”
Our school district has embraced this program in the effort to support children and their families.  Our valley community once again has stepped up in the name of children.  The Valley Originals are donating a percentage of posted daily specials in an effort to help this worthy cause. Big shout out to our valley!!!

So please celebrate Spring with The Valley Originals and Dine to Donate Daily!

In 2016, The Valley Originals donated $316,000 back to our MWV Community with your help!  When you dine at a ‘VO’, you know your money is staying in the community, helping your friends, neighbors and local charities/non-profits.  The Valley Originals could not do this without your support, thank you very much!

The Valley Originals LOVES our LOCALS!  Thank you for supporting local businesses!

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