The purpose of the Valley Originals is to protect, nurture and promote independent restaurants in the Mt. Washington Valley. Valley Originals member restaurants are locally owned and operated. They share a COMMITMENT to their COMMUNITY and a passion for excellence in food and service.

One of the Goals of the Valley Originals is to channel efforts and resources of the independent restaurant community to help improve the quality of life in the Mt. Washington Valley. One of the requirements of joining the Valley Originals is your commitment to donate a certain percentage of your profits to a combined pool with other Valley Original members to help support our Mt Washington Valley Community AND we are all Happy to do so! All the members feel that this is THE most meaningful and rewarding part of being a Valley Originals, we are able to give back well over $20,000 per year (not including what each member may give on their own in time, support or donations).

So when you dine with in a Valley Original Restaurant, you are not only going to have a great meal, great service, but your dollars will help support other local organizations in our Valley, the Mt Washington Valley. The Valley Originals thanks you very much for your continued support! Please see the following list for some of the organizations, groups and charities we are happy to support: