Frequently Asked Questions and their answers!


Do I have to have an account to order?

No, you do not need to set-up an account at any time to order from us

Do I have to use PayPal to order?

No, you do not have to use PayPal to order, there are options for you to pay with your regular Credit Card, please read each screen as you go through the checkout process and you will see your NON-PayPal option

Will the Gift Certificate ‘say’ it was purchased for $35.00 or $17.50?

No, it will ONLY say the face value of the gift certificate, so for example, if you are giving as a gift, it will only show the FULL FACE VALUE of the Gift Certificate, either $50.00 or $25.00 depending on the offer

Why do some restaurants seem to be sold out so quickly?

Each Valley Original DONATES 13 or 26 gift certificates each quarter to be sold online (only) to raise funds for our Donation Fund

Believe it or not, we have over 4,000 happy customers trying to purchase, mostly all at the same time, so you can imagine they would go quickly!

All our Valley Originals restaurants are wonderful, and you should try them all! These sales are a great way to try a new one or revisit one you have not been to in a long time!

How do I receive my Valley Original Gift Certificates?

The gift certificates are emailed to you within a few minutes after placing your order

They are emailed to the email address you entered for bill and shipping

You will receive a receipt and an order email, 2 separate emails

You will also receive an order confirmation, with a four digit order number, please hold onto this receipt

If you pay with PayPal, you will receive a receipt from PayPal, as well

What if I do not receive an email?

If you have not ordered with the Independents before, your emailed Gift Certificate MAY have gone to your JUNK/SPAM folder, please check your JUNK/SPAM folder for your emailed Gift Certificates it has a PDF attachment

You can log in any time to review your Gift Certificate and Print.

If you still do not see your Gift Certificate, but you have your four-digit order number, please send or forward your Order Number and what you ordered, and what email address you would like to have your order resent to

If you have not received an order confirmation or any email notification at all, please email: what you ordered, when, and what email you would like your order to be sent to.

What if I do not know my password?

You can request a password reset here:

How do I print my Valley Original Gift Certificates?

Open the attachment that you receive, and use your regular printer options to print the gift certificate

The Gift Certificate will have a Valley Original Logo on it, as well as a KEYCODE Number

IF you are sending as a gift, the email you entered as the SHIP/Recipient, will have to print out the Gift Certificate from their email and their printer

How will I know when the next sale for Discounted Gift Certificates is?

You can sign up for the email notifications

We advertise on the local radio stations: 93.5 and 104.5 several days prior

Our website: has the updated information at least 10 days prior to our sale date

We often advertise in the local Daily Sun prior to the date

Why do you have a Discounted Sale?

The money raised from our sales goes directly into our Donation Fund, and we thank you very much for supporting all our Valley Originals, as we love to help our local community as much as we can!

Please try all the Valley Originals, with a discounted Gift Certificate it is a Win-Win, so why not try us all! You will be pleasantly surprised, I promise you!

What if I am purchasing a FULL VALUE Gift Certificate?

Full Value Gift Certificates can be used at ANY Valley Original Restaurant!

They can only be used at ONE Valley Original at a time.